International Arbitration

International arbitration refers to disputes between commercial or state entities which are resolved through private adjudication.

Over the past few years we have successfully represented sovereign authorities in their defences of over half a billion USD worth of arbitration cases, mainly investment related.

We have conducted arbitrations before the International Chamber of Commerce as well as those managed by the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

We appear before both institutional and ad hoc arbitration tribunals. Our Principal Partner is now recognised amongst some governments as “the go to” lawyer when considering contesting complex high value arbitration claims.

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Business and Commercial Law

The world of business and commerce is always evolving and doing so at an increasing pace. As such, you will need lawyers who are not only familiar with the regulatory aspects that affect your business but who truly understand and appreciate every aspect of your enterprise and its development and evolution so that the advice you receive both protects your business from a legal view point and also promotes and protects your commercial ambitions.

We can help you protect and advance your various business and commercial interests. Whether you are a local small business or a multinational corporation we can assist you in ensuring that your business dealings comply with the applicable legal framework at the most cost effective and profitable way for you.

Our extensive contacts in the Middle East and our own in-house Arabic-speaking lawyers we have developed a service directed at assisting those trading in energy products. Our services in this regard are available to both private and state owned corporations.

The areas with which we can support you include:

  • company formation (on-shore and off-shore)
  • partnership agreements
  • preparing sale of goods and services agreements (domestic and international)
  • agency agreements
  • joint ventures
  • intellectual property rights
  • oil and gas exploration and development agreements
  • advising on local, regional and international regulations
  • most aspects of national and international property transaction

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Property / Real Estate

MS-Legal provides a wide range of services relating to Real Estate transactions, both residential and commercial. Whether you are a first time buyer, upgrading or an investor we can help you all the way through the process.

We carry out searches and enquiries, negotiate the terms of sale or purchase, through to completing the deal.

Clients who seek to fund property purchases with the assistance of loans can rest assured that MS-Legal is registered on the Panel of Lawyers of most reputable banks, building societies and other institutional lenders including those who provide Shari’a compliant financing.

For the property investor we provide a wide range of services including advice and assistance in:

  • Project management
  • Financial structuring
  • Auctions
  • Tax planning
  • Most aspects of national and international property transactions

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Will and Probate

Peparing a Will is an important, cost effective and relatively simple process which could ultimately save you a lot of money and ensure that you leave your estate to your loved ones rather than to the tax man.

For relatives, following the demise of your loved ones we can take your instructions to apply for probate and distribute the estate in accordance with his/her Will or, where there is no Will, intestacy rules.


We are able to advise and assist in:

  • Preparing a Will, including Shari’a compliant Wills
  • Preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Preparing Deeds of Variation and Codicils
  • Minimising an estate’s liability to Inheritance Tax
  • Creating Trusts
  • Handling probate applications for domestic and non-UK domiciled estates
  • Administering an estate

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Litigation refers to the resolution of disputes between individuals, companies and even government agencies. These matters are dealt with in or in contemplation of court proceedings.

MS-Legal provides a specialised niche litigation practice which concentrates on multi-jurisdictional disputes, often involving governments or government corporations. These disputes tend to be very complex and high in value. MS-Legal is assisted by a number of the world’s leading law firms and Queens Counsel when it undertakes this work.

MS-Legal has been involved in disputes relating to:

  • Cases before the European Court of Justice, International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court
  • Cases before all appellate authorities in the UK up to and including the Supreme Court
  • International asset recovery
  • Enforcement of foreign debt judgments
  • International director & shareholder disputes
  • International franchise, agency and distributor disputes
  • Libel defamation and slander
  • Inheritance disputes, including those relating to sharia compliant asset distribution.

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